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Month – October 2013

Grace Unplugged

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“Grace Unplugged” was in production long before the latest signing starlet with Christian roots shocked the world with her performance, so the producers aren’t talking about “you know who.” The movie is realistic without being shocking and portrays the hope that is so often missing in the tabloid stories.



About Video Sub Heading here, Google loves headings. This section will contain topic content.  This is basically an about page for each genre on the list.  It should display a brief description about the particular genre topic or sub topic, will help to educate the visitor on how to navigate the site. Ideally, we want […]

About This Website


It’s natural that the first post be about the nature of this website and what you can expect from it.  Look for Video, Podcast’s, Audio and other media about recent news, current events, reviews and editorials. We will have more information about who we are and what we are doing here. Stay tuned for more […]

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