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Month – December 2013

China Re-Thinks One-Child Policy, Eliminates House Church Labor Camps


China’s working age population is rapidly decreasing, prompting officials to ease up on the policy instituted in 1979, when the number of Chinese was exploding. Authorities promised to start releasing house church Christians from labor camps this weekend. It will be interesting to see if the reforms actually play out as announced. Communist officials there do not have a spotless record for telling the truth. Some local jurisdictions have also been known to be stricter than others.

Millennials Share Christ More Than Any Other Generation

Millennial Christians

There’s a lot of hand-wringing going on over the observation that the generation born between the early 1980s and early 2000s has left the institutional church en masse. Perhaps the loss of religious baggage has helped the Christians in the Millennial Generation better connect with their secular counterparts in a positive way. According to a new Barna study, Millennials are outperforming other generations in sharing Christ.

Fort Wayne Abortion Free, at Least for Now

Ulrich Klopfer

If you live in the area, you may be aware that Dr. Ulrich Klopfer has a reputation for failing to report cases of statutory rape, as required by law. But that’s not what’s causing him to go on hiatus. Indiana requires doctors who live outside the county in which they practice to have a local, backup physician. Dr. Klopfer is forced to take a break because his alternate has just resigned, effective January 1st. Fort Wayne women still desperate to snuff out the lives of their unborn children will now face a longer drive for the services of a hired killer with a medical degree.

Court: Trooper with Mental History Cannot Carry Gun Off-Duty

Trooper Michael Keyes

Seven years ago Pennsylvania Trooper Michael Keyes tried to kill himself by taking drugs on more than one occasion. He was committed for treatment of depression, pronounced cured and reinstated to his job after a long, legal struggle. Federal law bans such individuals from possessing guns. But Commonwealth Judge Kate Ford Elliot says it is rational for Keys to carry a gun while on duty. We hope she’s right, but who would be liable if the trooper has a relapse?

Government: Church School Can’t Teach Ethics from Faith Perspective

Loyola High School students

Loyola High school is a Jesuit institution in Montreal, but the matter could affect Protestants, Jews and homeschoolers. It all goes back to rules passed by the provincial government in Québec requiring a course called “Ethics and Religious Culture.” Here’s the catch. THE RULES PROHIBIT TEACHERS FROM EXPRESSING ANY OPINION CONCERNING RELIGIOUS OR ETHICAL ISSUES. Never mind that parents are paying for a religious education. Loyola is taking the case to Canada’s Supreme Court.

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