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Month – December 2013

Hospital Refuses to Transfer “Brain Dead” Girl to Facility that Won’t Pull Her Plug

Jahi McMath

Children’s Hospital of Oakland is so committed to pulling the plug on Jahi McMath, that officials are preventing her transfer to another facility. The hospital refuses to insert breathing and feeding tubes into the 13 year-old girl, which would be needed for her to be moved. Most US medical students still swear a form of the Hippocratic Oath, which affirms “utmost respect for human life from its beginning.” For some doctors, it seems to be more like a hypocritical oath.

Heidi Baker — Clinging to the Promises and Presence of God

Heidi Baker

Heidi Baker and her husband Rolland minister to the poorest of the poor in the world’s most impoverished country, Mozambique. But as the Beatitudes teach, God has a heart for the poor. The Bakers may well have seen more miracles per square mile in that country, than others have observed anywhere else in the world. That includes healings, multiplication of food and resurrections. In “Compelled by Love” Heidi details how the miraculous often has its roots in the Beatitudes. Several years ago, when she was visiting in the United States, we spoke with Heidi about her book and her life with God.

Israeli Tourism Minister Gives His Blessing to Huge Jesus Statue Project Near Nazareth

Christ the Redeemr statue

Let’s face it. Jesus Christ was Nazareth’s most famous citizen. A Christian Arab wants to honor the Lord with a huge statue on Mount Precipice, even larger than the one in Rio de Janeiro. Right now, Bashara Shlayan is trying to raise funds for his project. Although the statue is controversial in Israel, Tourism Minister Uzi Landau told him in a chance meeting last month, “Start it, and we will bless it.”

Hospital Has Zero Tolerance for Nurse’s Vaccine Concerns

Deonna Breton

Dreonna Breton read the fine print that comes with major flu vaccines: SHOULD BE GIVEN TO A PREGNANT WOMAN ONLY IF CLEARLY NEEDED. That’s because the vaccines were never tested on pregnant women for safety. Breton thought she should be cautious because of two previous miscarriages. But trying to convince Horizon Health Care Services President Carolyn Carlson was like trying to convince the ticket taker at the movie theatre to let you in for free.

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