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Month – January 2014

Book Review: Robert Caringola’s “The Present Reign of Jesus Christ”

Caringola book

This is a Bible prophecy book unlike any other you’re likely to have read. It discards ideas that Evangelicals have endorsed for less than 200 years in favor of enduring truths that believers have held to since the Reformation and before. After you learn about the exact fulfillment of prophecies throughout history, “left behind” may describe what you do with the fashionable view.

Police Chief Placed on Leave After Signing Pledge to Uphold Bill of Rights

Police Chief Shane Harger

Shane Harger swore an oath to protect the Consttiitution when he became a police officer, just like most federal and state officials do when they assume office. Last week Harger, who has since became Police Chief of Jemez Springs, New Mexico, flew to Las Vegas for the convention of the Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association, where everyone reaffirmed their support of the Bill of Rights. The day after he returned, Harger was placed on administrative leave, and Sheriff Douglas Wood ordered him to disband his department. Wood said it was because of Harger’s political affiliations.

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