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Month – January 2014

Rickshaw Driver Fined Over $1000 for Mentioning Historical Sites

Charleston Rickshaw

There must not be much crime in Charleston, South Carolina — no unsolved murders, sales of illegal drugs or even people driving over the speed limit. If this assessment is wrong, then how did the city manage to spare an undercover cop to pose as a tourist and ride around with various rickshaw drivers? The officer even carried a secret recording device to capture evidence in case the driver spoke on a forbidden subject.

Judge Allows Man to Take Life Support from His Pregnant “Brain Dead” Wife

Erick and Marlisle Monoz and child

This evening Judge J.H. Wallace ordered John Peter Smith Hospital to disconnect life support from Marlise Munoz by 5 PM Monday. The hospital says the woman has been brain dead since November 28th. According to Erick Monoz’s attorney, the unborn infant has hydrocephalus and other medical problems. These factors may have motivated the activist judge’s ruling. We say this because the Texas Advance Directives Act recognizes no such extenuating circumstances when it says, “A person may not withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment under this subchapter from a pregnant patient.”

Ex-Virginia Governor and His Wife Are Indicted on Over a Dozen Felony Counts

Bob McDonnell

Bob and Maureen McDonnell are accused of illegally receiving gifts from a businessman named Jonnie R. Williams. Federal authorities say, the couple then tried to promote Star Supplement, Williams’ dietary business. The scandal came to light with an anonymous tip that the chef at the governor’s mansion was stealing food. It grew from there. McDonnell, whose term as governor expired this month, calls the gifts and loans legal and plans to fight the charges.

NYPD Bloodies an 84 Year-Old Man After He Allegedly Jaywalks

Cop Cruiser

Police in New York City are borrowing a program from Sweden called — Vision Zero. The idea is to wipe out traffic fatalities. But here is the resemblance to small-town speed traps. One jaywalking ticket can result in a $250 fine. The 84 year-old man in this story apparently didn’t understand English very well, if at all. While he probably learned his lesson about jaywalking, it’s also a good bet he’ll keep his distance from cops in the future.

DHS Gave Muslim Brotherhood VIP Treatment, No TSA Pat Downs

Muslim Brotherhood

You can learn a lot of interesting stuff by filing a Freedom of Information Request. The Investigative Project on Terrorism did just that and discovered the State Department ordered the Department of Homeland Security to give preferential treatment to the Muslim Brotherhood during a trip in 2012. If the Administration is so sure that was a good idea, why did we have to pry it out of them?

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