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Month – February 2014

Couple Loses Daughter to Foster Care Over Medical Dispute

The Pelletiers

Lou and Linda Pelletier had hoped to regain custody of their daughter this week in court. Not only did that not happen, but a judge ordered Justina to be placed in foster care. The girl was originally being treated for mitochondrial disease by a doctor at Tufts Medical Center. Later she was admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital, where a seven-month intern changed the diagnosis to a mental disorder. When the Pelletier’s tried to move Justina back to Tufts, the state intervened and they lost custody. The court has forbidden the parents to talk about the case.


FDA Considers Three-Parent Babies This Week

Test tube baby

The same government folks who allowed Genetically Modified food will be considering this week whether to legalize the production of embryos with three biological parents. The technique shares something in common with altered food — harmful side effects. A recent study published in “Science” warns mitochondrial replacement can affect “a range of important traits such as individual development, cognitive behavior, and key health parameters.” Sounds like it’s time to stop playing God.

The Other Side of a Minimum Wage Hike


It’s easy to think of only the rosy side of Barack Obama’s plan to raise the minimum wage. People we know would suddenly have more income. But that money has to come from somewhere. It just doesn’t magically appear in the economy. Businesses already stressed over the added expense of Obamacare would have even smaller profit margins. And if the pay of McDonalds’ workers goes up, so do the prices, making Happy Meals and other products less affordable to the lower economic portion of the fast food company’s customers. Translation — with fewer customers, jobs are cut.

Exxon CEO: Fracking is Good, Except in My Backyard

Tex Tillerson

There is an honest difference of opinion on the advantage/disadvantage of fracking, in which pressurized water laden with chemicals is injected into a layer of rock to release natural gas. It brings jobs to local areas, but can also compromise the quality of tap water. The difference of opinion doesn’t seem so honest for Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon. He’s normally all for fracking, but recently he joined a lawsuit to stop a project near his Texas ranch.

Pope Asks Copeland to Unite; Word of Faith Preacher is Thrilled

Pope Francis and Kenneth Copeland

It may be a while before Pope Francis becomes a Faith Partner of Kenneth Copeland Ministries or before Kenneth Copeland sends his tithe to the Vatican, but it appears the two are warming up to each other’s ministries. The ground of unity seems to be the Charismatic experience, which has found both valid and invalid expressions in the Catholic and Protestant communities. Questions raised by Luther, which have defined distinctive Catholic and Protestant understandings of key aspects of Christian faith, would apparently be swept under the rug. Some see this as a step in the formation of a one world religion, others as breaking down barriers between brethren.

News Room Monitoring Plan Linked to Liberal Billionaire George Soros

George Soros

It’s always interesting when we can find the context for a government decision. Although news room monitoring is now on hold, it was a proposal that would have challenged the freedom of the press. Curiously, the mainstream media did not seem too disturbed. It was the alternative media that made the loudest outcry. Now back to context. It seems George Soros was in the background all the time.

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