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Month – February 2014

FCC Pulls the Plug on its Controversial “Study” and Pledges not to Snoop in American Newsrooms

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The FCC has changed its mind and decided to allow Freedom of the Press. Just the other day “Wait Til You Hear This” and other sources told you of the FCC’s proposal to place government “monitors” not only in broadcast media newsrooms, but also inside newspapers. It was feared research questions would morph into government pressure to control the news. The public outcry was tremendous. So much for that idea, at least for now.

More Black Babies Aborted in New York City than Born

Black baby

The sobering statics come from a report prepared by New York City government. In the year of the study — 2012 — over 31 thousand black babies were aborted compared to nearly 25 thousand who were actually born. Black children accounted for over 42 percent of aborted children that year. It makes you wonder how many future Dr. Martin Luther Kings, Bill Cosbys and Condalisa Rices were not allowed to see the light of day.

Why is the Obama Administration Putting Government Monitors in Newsrooms?


The FCC has proposed a plan to send “researchers” into news rooms across the country to find out how reporters, editors and station owners decide what stories to run. The agency supposedly wants to learn how they cover “critical information, which is apparently shorthand for the kind of stories the government thinks should be featured. Don’t ask how the broadcast oriented FCC would extend its reach to newspapers, but that’s part of the plan. It doesn’t take much imagination to see questioning morph into pressuring.

Ex-Trooper Investigating Sandy Hook as a Hoax Reports Being Threatened

Wolgang Halbig

No one can truthfully say it’s none of Wolfgang Halbig’s business. He’s a national school safety consultant, charged with making sure that what “happened” at Sandy Hook Elementary, doesn’t happen anywhere else. After Halbig started investigating the original incident, his Freedom of Information Request was stonewalled. But that’s not the main reason he suspects something fishy. Halbig has noticed that a medical helicopter was never called out. Neither were EMTs and firefighters allowed in the school. And somehow the death toll of 26 was announced 11 minutes into the incident, leaving little time for a doctor to make the individual determinations, which is required by Connecticut law. And why didn’t parents of dead children file lawsuits against the school, as usually happens? One thing’s for sure. Halbig knows his business. The ex-trooper assisted at the crime scene of the Columbine tragedy.

FAA Investigating Whether Drone Caused Traffic Fatality


The accident happened February 1st on Main Street in Hartford, Connecticut. Police found a camera-carrying drone flying above the scene of the fatality. They ordered Pedro Rivera to stop using the device. Rivera is a photographer for WFSB TV-3. He was not working for the station on that day. Police claim Rivera violated an FAA regulation against commercial use of drones, but it appears the prohibition may only be a policy statement, not a regulation. WFSB suspended the man for a week without pay. Rivera is suing the Police Department for violation of his civil rights.

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