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Month – February 2014

Johnny Carson’s Head Writer: Leno May Have Been Ditched Because of Obama Jokes

Obama on the Tonight Show

Ratings are everything in TV, right? Well, only if they don’t interfere with political correctness. Raymond Stiller, who has more than a casual connection with the “Tonight Show,” thinks ratings leader Jay Leno was dumped because of his Obama jokes. It sure couldn’t be his age. Leno is three years younger than David Letterman, who looks older and is still doing well.

NASA Expresses Interest in Hyperdrive Engine


Imagine a trip to Mars that takes only three days. According to a report in “New Scientist” magazine, a hypothetical device based on a controversial theory could potentially do just that. Professor Jochem Hauser, of Applied Sciences University in Salzgitter, Germany, reports NASA has contacted him about the subject. He says the best case scenario would be testing such a device within five years. But he cautions that’s assuming the technology works.

Feds Investigating Reported Radiation Leak at Nuclear Waste Facility in New Mexico

West Isolation Pilot Plant

Airborne radiation was reported Friday morning near Carlsbad, New Mexico, resulting in the opposite of an evacuation from the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. Workers were kept on site until they could be tested. According to DOE spokesman Roger Nelson, “I believe it’s safe to say we’ve never seen a level like we are seeing.” The incident caught the attention of New Mexico Senator Tom Udall,.

Lawsuit: Cops Choke And Tase Unresponsive Deaf Man, “Intentionally Burning His Flesh”


Jonathan Meister is deaf. That’s why he was unable to respond to police officers when they confronted him outside a friend’s house. He wasn’t doing anything illegal — just moving some of his own property that happened to be there. Before Meister knew it, they grabbed him by his wrists, rendering him unable to communicate in sign language. Things went downhill from there until he was tasered.

Seminary Unveils Humanoid Robot for Ethical Research

Apologetics robot

Southern Evangelical Seminary, near Charlotte, North Carolina, hopes the device will help students and faculty explore ethical issues related to bionics, human enhancement, transhumanism and nanotechnology. The 23-inch robot can recognize voices and faces, and translate from text into seven languages. Southern Evangelical is the first seminary to use such a robot. MIT, Carnegie Mellon and Tokyo University are also experimenting with similar devices. Unlike the seminary, those schools are not pursuing any application in Biblical apologetics.

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