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Month – March 2014

Judge Refuses to Release Medically Kidnapped Girl into the Custody of Her Parents

The Pelletiers

Lou and Linda Pelletier were hoping today would be the day they would regain custody of their 15 year-old daughter, Justina. Fat chance with a judge like Joseph Johnson on the bench. He ruled that the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families should retain custody of the Connecticut girl. A doctor at Tufts Medical Center was originally treating Justina for mitochondrial disease, but the DCF sided with a seven-month intern at Boston Children’s Hospital who counter-diagnosed her as having mental problems. Meanwhile, Justina has very little strength left. Her parents may only see her under armed guard. Clergy are not allowed in her room.

Disappearance of Flight 370 Likely Results in High Tech Patent for Rothschild Company

Freescale Technology

20 Employees of Freescale Semiconductor were aboard missing Malaysian Flight 370. The company is mostly owned by Jacob Rothschild’s Blackstone Group. Four of the employees each reportedly held a 20% share of U.S. Patent #US008671381B1. The company owned the remaining 20%, but now it’s apparently the sole patent holder. The Rothschild family owns Malaysian Central Bank, which is heavily invested in the airline.

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