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Month – May 2014

Federal Court: Public Has the Right to Film Cops

Police car

It only makes sense that filming a police officer during an arrest is a way for a citizen to preserve evidence for his own defense or for purposes of a lawsuit. But in some jurisdictions the right to film has been one-sided, giving cops the decided advantage with their dash cams. Now, thanks to the ruling of an appeals court, the balance may be shifting in terms of fairness.

Cops Raid Wrong Home, Shoot Innocent Woman Cowering In Closet


Nassau County, New York police officers raided the wrong home and shot an innocent woman in the chest while she reportedly cowered in a closet begging police not to shoot her. The police claim the officer who shot her with his assault rifle did so because his gun fired “accidentally.” Rather than risk trial, police chose instead to absolve themselves of any responsibility and loot taxpayers to pay the woman a $650,000 settlement.

What the Media Isn’t Telling You About Accused Psycho-Killer Elliot Rodger

Elliot Rodgers

I’m always amused at the things the mainstream media selectively chooses to avoid reporting, and when it comes to Elliott Rodger, there are some deep, dark secrets the mainstream media won’t dare mention. It turns out that Rodger was the product of media programming in a soulless, materialistic culture that has abandoned compassion, morals, ethics and self development in favor of symbols of wealth (such as driving a BMW).

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