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Month – May 2014

UK’s Equivalent of Obamacare Schedules Sex Change for Child, Mom Is Livid

NHS Tavistock and Portman

Megan Robinson was referred to a National Health Service counselor for help in dealing with her teenage mood swings and her desire to ‘fit in.’ Now the 16 year-old is about to become a boy, over her mother’s objections. Megan was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder. Whether it’s a legitimate disease or not, GID does provide business for doctors and Big Pharma. It’s not surprising that the Tavistock Institute is involved. For 68 years, it’s been leading the charge of societal change. The Institute is about as transparent as the Bilderbergers.

Child Services Investigating Will Smith and His Wife Over Photo of 13 Year-old Daughter Sharing Bed with 20 Year-old Actor

Willow Smith and Moises Arias

Moises Arias, a former cast member of the “Hannah Montana” show, posted the picture of himself and Willow Smith on Instagram. Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett, supposedly had no problem when they originally saw the picture and consider their daughter to be “very mature” for her age. So far, the Smith’s are cooperating with investigators.

Pregnant Mom Shackled, Awaiting Death Sentence for Rejecting Islam

Meriam Ibrahim and Daniel Wani

In general, no one can accuse Sudanese authorities of being religiously tolerant. Rather than trying to reach people through “friendship evangelism,” officials in an Islamic court are getting ready to execute a Christian woman for rejecting the Muslim faith. They’re just waiting for Meriam Ibrahim to give birth. The eight-month pregnant woman is married to an American. Ibrahim’s attorney is working on an appeal, hoping that cooler heads will prevail.

Number of People Killed by Terrorists Amazingly Low

Terrorists at Mumbai with AK-47s

Statistics from recent years show terrorism is not the danger the Department of Homeland Security claims it is. In fact, taxpayers could get more bang for their buck if TSA agents were reassigned to preventing car accidents or becoming counselors to the suicide prone. The next time there’s a false flag event, consider the pain of the victims’ families. But also remember that more families may be affected by lightning strikes. Those events, however, do not get international coverage.

Investigator: Benghazi Video linked to the CIA?

Innocence of Muslims

Remember how the administration originally explained the cause of the Benghazi attack, that resulted in four American deaths in 2012, as a reaction to an anti-Muslim film. Well — surprise, surprise, surprise. A new investigation indicates “a possible association by one or more of the individuals responsible for the film to US intelligence agencies, including the CIA.”

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