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Month – June 2014

Hobby Lobby Wins, Obama Loses at Supreme Court

Hobby Lobby

Students are frequently taught that a corporation is a legal person. Since a living, breathing person has religious rights, why wouldn’t a corporate person? Although the Supreme Court did not buy that argument completely, it did open the door widely enough to exempt Hobby Lobby and similar companies that have been protesting the contraceptive mandate of ObamaCare. Under the new ruling, a company must be closely held to meet the exemption, which means there are a limited number of stockholders. Furthermore, such stock is publicly traded only on occasion.

“Justina’s Law” Would Protect Wards of the State from Unwelcome Medical Experimentation

Justina Pelletier

Justina Pelletier’s recent ordeal at the hands of the state of Massachusetts and Boston Children’s Hospital has prompted Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to introduce a legislative impediment to similar cases in the future. You see, the hospital has a policy which states, “Children who are Wards of the State may be included in research that presents greater than minimal risk with no prospect of direct benefit.” Intern Simona Bujoreanu overturned a more experienced doctor’s diagnosis, declaring that Justina had Somatoform, which just happened to be Bujoreanu’s subject of research under a National Institutes of Health grant. This led to the Pelletiers losing their parental rights becasuse they held to the earlier diagnosis. Bachmann’s bill is supported by both Democrats and Republicans.

Whole Foods Ordered to Pay $800 Thousand for Overcharging Customers

Whole Foods

Anyone who has taken a high school chemistry class has been exposed to the concept of a tare. It is basically a paper or similar material placed between the scale and the substance being weighed. The weight of the tare must be deducted from the gross weight to determine the net weight of the substance. A successful lawsuit in California accused stores in the Whole Foods chain of neglecting to deduct the weight of containers containing salad bar items. That means the items were sold at higher than advertised prices, resulting in nearly $800 thousand dollars in settlement fees.

Model Risks Career for Pro-Life Cause

Iona Picos

28 year-old Iona Picos has a successful modeling career in her native Romania. Picos has supported other humanitarian causes in the past, but this time it’s a cause that may be regarded as politically incorrect in her profession, She’s accepted the invitation to be the official ambassador for her country’s 2014 March for Life.

US Troops Forced to Adhere to Shariah

Ramadan and US troops

Here’s an important question. Why doesn’t the so-called “separation of church and state” apply to US servicemen in Muslim countries? American servicemen are being forced to adhere to aspects of Shariah Law if they serve in Baharain and certain other nations during the Islamic month of Ramadan. It appears that Muslim traditions are being favored at the expense of Christian and Jewish consciences.

Airships Call Attention to NSA’s Spying Activities at Utah Data Center


If anyone used to wonder what that controversial complex of buildings in Bluffdale, Utah is, they have no doubt now. Greenpeace flew its 135 foot-long airship over the facility Friday morning, carrying the message “NSA Illegal Spying Below.” A related website — — grades members of Congress on what they have done to rein in the National Security Agency.

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