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Month – June 2014

Meriam Ibrahim Released on Bond After Failed Attempt to Leave Sudan

Meriam Ibrahim and Daniel Wani

Apparently it’s not a done deal until it’s a done deal. There are a lot of ups and downs in Meriam Ibrahim’s attempts to escape Sudan, where the Christian woman was imprisoned for her faith. Most recently she was stopped over allegedly irregularities with her travel documents. The country seems to be defying article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

The Identical — In Theaters September 5th

The Identical

Ray Liotta (GOODFELLAS), Ashley Judd (DOLPHIN TALE 2), and NEWCOMER Blake Rayne lead the star-studded cast of THE IDENTICAL, a film that magnifies the wisdom of God and the perfection of His plan through the story of twin brothers separated at birth. While one grows to become an international rock star, the other is restricted by the dominating will of his father, a preacher who feels his son’s calling is in the ministry. The tale unfolds to reveal that God’s glory is not limited to a church: it is our use of the talents He gives us that act to further His kingdom. The story is bookended and filled with matters of trust, love, and forgiveness.

TV Reporter Confronts Sacramento Sheriff Over StingRay Surveillance


Believe it or not reporter, Thom Jensen searched through something like 1000 search warrants and could not find a single instance of a judge allowing the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department to use the privacy-shattering device. He also found prosecutors had not been informed of such cases either. The StingRay technology uses a false cell tower to “vacuum in” cell traffic within a one mile radius. In another jurisdiction, officers are trained to credit the resulting information to confidential sources.

Scientific Modeling of the Big Bang Undermines the Theory

Higgs Boson

According to physicist Robert Hogan, of King’s College in London, “During the early universe, we expected cosmic inflation — this is a rapid expansion of the universe right after the Big Bang. This expansion causes lots of stuff to shake around.” This shaking turns out to be the downfall of the theory, with the recently discovered so-called “God particle” only making matters worse.

Christian Mother Awaiting Death in Sudan Is Set Free

Meriam Ibrahim and Daniel Wani

The prayers of thousands were answered today when Sudanese authorities released Meriam Ibrahim. She was the pregnant woman sentenced to death for supposedly renouncing Islam, but Ibrahim maintained she was raised as a Christian by her mother. A little over a month ago she gave birth in prison while shackled. Ibrahim’s husband, Daniel Wani, is an American who lives in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Lerner’s IRS Computer Was Covered by Email Storage Contract at the Time of Its Crash


IRS Commissioner John Koskinen recently told a Congressional committee that Lois Lernerr’s computer had crashed, losing email that the committee wanted to review in its probe of the agency’s targeting of conservative organizations. It turns out the IRS had a contract with a company called Sonasoft that “archives all email content and so reduces the risk of non-compliance with legal, regulatory and other obligations to preserve critical business content.” Even stranger, the IRS cancelled its contract with the firm after Lerner’s computer crashed. That meant apparently no backup to cover the other IRS computer crashes that happened a short time later.

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