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Month – July 2014

Whistleblower Calls For Impeachment of Obama Over NSA Spying

Willaim Binney

NSA whistleblower William Binney is calling for a constitutional convention that would lead to the impeachment and prosecution of Barack Obama and everyone involved in the NSA spying scandal. Binney, a former NSA employee with the signals intelligence agency within the DoD, told the Alex Jones Show that the mass surveillance of Americans was “destroying the foundation of this country” and that intelligence agencies were now running the government.

Famous Abortion Provider Sued After Allegedly Sending Rape Victim Back to Abuser

Child abuse billboard

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains calls itself a trusted health care provider. Perhaps it won’t be so trusted after this. Health care providers, teachers, really anybody having knowledge of the sex abuse of a minor — is required to report it to authorities. So if a pregnant 13 year-old walks into your facility, it is time to ask questions and call the police. You’d think Planned Parenthood would know this. After all, it has connections with the government, which helps fund its operation.

NBC Hires Al Jazeera Reporter to Cover Gaza Conflict

Ayman Mohyeldin

What was NBC thinking? The network hired Ayman Mohyeldin from Al Jazeera to report from Gaza. There are those who claim the Arab language network is editorially independent of its owner, the government of Qatar. Even if that is the case, the new NBC hire removed any semblance of objectivity by launching into a diatribe against Israel for killing civilians in a war zone without mentioning that Hamas has launched 900 or so rockets into Israel, some reaching Tel Aviv. Why not a reporter who has no personal stake in the story?

National Guard Refuses to be Honored at Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School

Bible Baptist Church in Carthage, Missouri only wanted to honor “God’s Rescue Squad.” So paramedics stopped by one day, fire-fighters on another and sheriff’s deputies after that. But the National Guard was a no-show. It seems someone was afraid that appearing at the Vacation Bible School could be construed as endorsing the Baptist faith. The last time I checked, members of the National Guard also come from Catholic, Jewish and other faith backgrounds. So why the confusion?

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