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Month – July 2014

Mission Accomplished! Meriam Ibrahim Is Safely Out of Sudan

Meriam Ibrahim

Meriam Ibrahim’s story has ended well after a lot of ups and downs. A few months ago Sudanese officials pronounced a death sentence against Ibrahim in connection with her Christian faith. It turned out they agreed to postpone the sentence until two years after she gave birth in prison. Later Ibrahim was released, but still couldn’t leave the country. Recently upset Muslim relatives tried to reinstitute the death sentence. Thursday she left the country, courtesy of a helpful Italian politician.

University Fires Scientist After He Publishes His Discovery of Soft Dinosaur Flesh

Mark Armitage

You could call it the find of the century. Mark Armitage discovered a large triceratops horn at Hell Creek formation in Montana. When Armitage examined it under a microscope, the high-powered device revealed soft tissue, indicating the dinosaur had died no more than thousands of years ago. According to a court document, a California State University official responded, “We are not going to tolerate your religion in this department.” It sounds like the official was blinded to the evidence by his own faith in evolution, which postulates that dinosaurs died out 60 million years ago.

State Destroys Co-op’s Organic Milk and Free Range Eggs

Organic milk and eggs destroyed

Joe and Brenda Golimieski’s Dairty does business through a co-op, to avoid accusations of selling raw milk and free range eggs to customers. But the Michigan Department of Agriculture treated the legal distinction as though it did not exist. The agency destroyed nearly $5 thousand worth of milk, eggs, butter and cream belonging to co-op members. It’s kind of ironic since the natural products are generally much healthier than their Big Agra counterparts.

Border Patrol Agents: U.N. Taking Control of America’s Southern Border

UN Seal

It’s the kind of breaking news a talk show host would be eager to feature on his program. Two anonymous border control agents told Dave Hodges of “The Common Sense Show” on KHNC in Colorado, that the United Nations is “calling the shots” on America’s border operations, deciding which immigrants to ship to various parts of the US. The UN is assuming by default that large numbers of illegals are refugees, without deciding on a case by case basis.Some of these immigrants are M-13 gangsters, clearly identifiable by a trademark tattoo, but our agents are being told to treat them like anyone else.

What Happened to the Malaysian Airliner?

Malaysian Airlines

Is it possible that the story we are being told about the most recent downing of a Malaysian airliner could be manipulated? The politically correct version sides with a report from the BBC citing a YouTube video seeming to show a Russian general and separatists discussing the accidental downing of a civilian airliner. But reports indicate expert examination of the code associated with the video shows it was made a day before the plane went down.

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