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Month – August 2014

United Nations Has Some ‘Splaining to Do — How Did Hamas Rockets End Up In UN Facilities?

Israeli first responders

It has been widely reported that Hamas terrorist rockets were unlawfully stored in United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) facilities in Gaza. Jay Sekulow, Chef Counsel of the European Center for Law and Justice, is calling on the Secretary General of the United Nations to conduct an independent investigation. Sekulow, who also heads the American Center for Law and Justice, says, “The return to Hamas of the rockets unlawfully stored in UNRWA facilities strongly suggests that UNRWA employees may be acting in concert and/or cooperating with Hamas operatives in unlawfully attacking a UN member state. That cannot be tolerated and may, in fact, constitute a war crime.”

Lawsuits May Pressure Movie Theatres to Hire “SWAT” Teams

James Holmes and Aurora Theatre_sq

According to Federal Judge Brook Jackson, Cinemark, the owner of the Century Theater in Aurora, Colorado, could have anticipated the shooting attack at the Batman movie premier in 2012. Jackson also says the company should have had security measures in place to prevent or impede the attack that killed 12 people. Actually, the theater had a policy, and probably still does, that banned handguns, even for customers with concealed carry permits. Such a customer could have ended the shooting spree. Why is it that the judge is willing to trust the corporation with firearms, but says nothing about the role individuals could have in protecting themselves and others?

Jewish Leader Asks “New York Times” Readers — Who Will Stand Up for the Christians?

Roanld Lauder

According to Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, “The Jewish people understand all too well what can happen when the world is silent. This campaign of death must be stopped.” Lauder wrote his commentary on the nearly unnoticed slaughter of Christians in the Middle East and Africa for the “New York Times” website. He asks, “The beautiful celebrities and aging rock stars — why doesn’t the slaughter of Christians seem to activate their social antennas?”

Video Tells the Story of the Scientist Who Was Fired After Finding Dinosaur Tissue

Mark Armitage

Mark Armitage is a published scientist of over 30 years. After finding a Triceratops horn at a dig in Montana, he examined it under a high-powered microscope. Armitage was astounded to see soft tissue, which implies the dinosaur was no older than several thousand years. The creationist’s discovery is a clear challenge to evolution. It appears California State University at Northridge wasn’t ready to allow that amount of academic freedom.

Bethany Hamilton Inspires in “Dolphin Tale 2″!

Bethany Hamilton

Go behind the scenes of Alcon Entertainment/Warner Brothers’ “Dolphin Tale 2″ with pro surfer Bethany Hamilton, who has a role in the film as herself. She discusses how her faith in Christ got her through the ordeal of losing her arm in a shark attack and how she was inspired by the movie’s star, Winter — while the rest of the cast talk about how they are inspired by Bethany. “Dolphin Tale 2″ is in theaters everywhere September 12th.

Girl Suspended After Saying “Bless You” When a Classmate Sneezed

Kendra Turner

Kendra Turner was in keyboarding class at Dyer County High School in Tennessee when another student sneezed. Kendra said, “Bless you” and ended up suspended for the rest of the class. Supposedly school officials claim the courtesy was said from across the room and was disruptive. That might make some sense except the teacher is quoted as saying, “We will not have Godly speaking in my class.”

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