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Month – September 2014

Study Show Widespread Conflict of Interest Among FDA Advisors


For many, the Federal Drug Administration is the final authority in certifying the safety of what we put in our mouths. But let’s remember the FDA is the agency that approved the questionable Aspartame. So, is that just an exception to an otherwise spotless record? According to a study published in “Milbank Quarterly,” financial interests affected the voting behavior of nearly 14 hundred FDA advisory committee members between 1997 and 2011.

Church Gives Each Member $500 to Spend as the Lord Leads

LaSalle Street Church

It’s been many years since I was in a Christian meeting when one of the leaders said, “Put something in the offering plate if you feel led and take something out if you feel led.” But LaSalle Church of Chicago recently demonstrated even more generosity. It gave every member $500 from a real estate transaction. Pastor Laura Troux said she would not be disappointed if some of the members used the money for rent. How about that for setting a good example?

“Fast and Furious” and “IRS Scandal” Blamed for Eric Holder’s Resignation

Eric Holder

It all came to a head today when a federal judge ruled the Department of Justice must properly respond to Freedom of Information Act requests by Judicial Watch. The private watchdog agency has been seeking documents related to the IRS scandal and the Fast and Furious alleged gunrunning operation. Unless you think it’s a coincidence, that’s why the Attorney General resigned this afternoon.

Radiation During Mammograms May Be Dangerous for Women with Sensitive Gene

Woman during Mammogram

New studies question the conventional wisdom of recommending regular mammograms for women. One British project shows that women carrying the BRCA1/2 gene are twice as likely to develop radiation-dependent cancer. A recently completed 25-year study also concludes that the typically recommended procedure can have the opposite of the intended effect on women’s health.

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