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Month – November 2014

Man Who Was Jailed for Having Legal Guns Sues Cops

Cop cruiser

What happens when those sworn to serve and protect violate their oath as well as the Constitution? The checks and balances in the American system allows them to be sued. Brandon Howard is doing just that, claiming he was taken to jail for legally carrying two guns while protesting against Barack Obama. Howard did not point or brandish the weapons. It appears there may be some substance to his case. The police department has admitted that an officer in question violated policy and would be disciplined.

Authorities Report 90 Pounds of Cocaine Seized from Ship Owned by Senator Mitch McConnell’s In-Laws

Mitch McConnell

Colombian authorities report the seizure happened in late August. But the mainstream media has remained silent, not rocking the boat for the recent mid-term elections in the US which saw the re-election of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell. He is set to become Senate Majority leader in January. We do not know if McConnell had any knowledge of the event. We do know that the owner of the ship, Foremost Maritime Corporation — founded by the senator’s father in-law James Chao — has generated thousands in donations to his campaigns. Perhaps the Republicans could be more effective in the next Congress if they chose their Senate Majority leader by something other than seniority.

Tetanus Vaccine Given to African Women Laced with Chemical Causing Miscarriages

African Child Vaccine Shot Arm

The chemical causing miscarriages is known as HCG. When injected into the body of a young woman, it causes a pregnancy to be destroyed by the body’s own antibody response to the HCG, resulting in a spontaneous abortion. According to Dr. Muhame Ngare, of Kenya, “…this WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine.”

Dozens Arrested After Islamic Mob Execution of Christian Couple Burned Alive in Pakistan

Shyman Bibi Urf Shamar and Sajjad Nasir Zurjah Nazir Nasir

The “Wall Street Journal” is crediting immense international outrage as the real reason for the arrests following the mob execution of a Christian couple in Pakistan. Shyman Bibi Urf Shamar and Sajjad Nasir Zurjah Nazir Nasir were dragged from their home, beaten and thrown into the brick kiln where they were employed. The owner of the kiln is reportedly one of those arrested.

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