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Month – December 2014

United Airlines Sues Man for Promoting Cheaper Flights

Aktarer Zaman

We’ve all heard that airliners do not necessarily take the most direct routes to their destinations. For example, a flight from New York to Lake Tahoe may have a layover in San Francisco before heading East to its final destination. Now here’s where it gets interesting. The flight with Lake Tahoe as destination may cost less than another flight with San Francisco as destination. So getting off the original flight at the layover will save you money. The trouble is, offering this kind of option to travelers can get you sued.

Obama’s Minions Give Bride One Day to Change Her Wedding Venue

Natalie Heimel and Rdward Mallue

Every bride wants her wedding to go smoothly. Most couples plan the event months in advance, maybe even a year. Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue were counting on getting married at the 16th hole of a golf course located at a Marine Corps base in Hawaii, where they both served as captains. Hearing Barack Obama was in the area, they invited him to the wedding. But their would be guest — or at least his handlers — turned the tables on them. The bride and groom had to find a new venue because Obama insisted on playing golf at the site they had reserved. If there’s one thing people cannot accuse Barack Obama of, it is servant leadership.

Two NASA Scientists Recommend Sending Astronauts to Venus Before Mars

Cloud city

No one would confuse Venus for a “Class M” planet, as they say in “Star Trek.” The surface temperature is estimated to be 500 degrees Celsius with an atmospheric pressure 92 times that of earth’s. But Dale Arney and Chris Jones, of Langley Research Center in Virginia, believe it is possible to colonize 31 miles above the surface using a dirigible-like vehicle carried aboard a larger spacecraft.

Lawsuit Claims County Routinely Kidnaps Thousands of Babies Without Warrant or Reason

African American woman baby child

Tonita Rogers, of California, had just given birth through Caesarean section. Three days later Juvenile Dependency Investigator Karla Torres, of Riverside County, literally snatched the infant from her breast. All this happened without a warrant, which would have taken about two hours to get if a judge had determined probable cause. It turns out Rogers is not alone. She’s filing a class action lawsuit potentially affecting thousands of incidents. The law firm representing Rogers reports half of its cases involve African American children.

So Much for the Friendly Skies of United — Woman Jailed After Changing Seats

Jean Mamakos

68 year-old Jean Mamakos, of Huntington, New York, is filing a $5 million lawsuit against United. She was on a trip to Alaska when she tied to change seats. Police handcuffed her, ripped her pants as they dragged her down the aisle, and threw her in jail. Mamokos has been charged with trespassing in the wrong seat. It’s difficult to see how the charge could stick in the absence of a “No Trespassing” sign.

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