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Month – December 2014

Cop Fired After Trying to Stop Another Officer from Choking Handcuffed Suspect

Cariole Horne

Ex-police officer Cariole Horne says fellow cop Gregory Kwiatkowski was out of control. “Gregory Kwiatkowski turned Neal Mack around and started choking him. So then I’m like, ‘Greg! You’re choking him,’ because I thought whatever happened in the house he was still upset about so when he didn’t stop choking him I just grabbed his arm from around Neal Mack’s neck.” Then Horne got punched in the face from you know who and lost her job. The Buffalo, New York woman is now fighting for her retirement.

Tennessee City Bans Negative Comments on Social Media

First Amendment wall

It’s not unusual for units of government to restrict the right of employees to make public statements about government business. But the city of Pittsburg, Tennessee has just forbidden board members, volunteers, vendors and contractors from speaking out as well. The long term defenders of the First Amendment — broadcasters and newspapers — will not feel the effect. The measure specifically targets social media.

Experimental ‘Supermouse’ Has Half-Human Brain


There used to be a word for it in ancient times — chimera. gives the original meaning as “a mythological, fire-breathing monster.” But the site says geneticists use the word today to describe “an organism composed of two or more genetically distinct tissues.” Although researchers at the University of Rochester in New York hope to find cures for human disease by means of the supermouse, to many the ethical questions are insurmountable.

Parents Upset After Instructors Reportedly Pressured Theirs Kids to Have Sex

High school kids

The motto at Acalanes High school in California is “We educate every student to excel and contribute in a global society.” But parents are questioning that very education. What would you call it if instructors threw models of sex organs at a student? Parents are taking this accusation by their kids very seriously. At least these instructors are not real teachers, who would know better They are actually staff members of Planned Parenthood, who apparently don’t know better.

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