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Month – December 2014

City Council Meeting Opens with Invocation to Satan — Mayor and Commissioners Walk Out

Mayor Walks Out

What would you do if you served on city council and you knew Satan would be invoked at the next meeting? Mayor Pam Triolo, of Lake Worth in Florida, left the room with several commissioners. Political correctness only goes so far. Anti-theist “minister” Preston Smith replied, “Duly noted.” The city officials returned for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Congressman Claims Recently Passed Bill Grants Unlimited Access to Private Communications

Congressman Justin Amash

Most of the federal power grabs we’ve heard of lately have involved the executive branch trying to assume powers of the legislative branch. But here’s a case of the legislative branch taking over a power of the judicial branch. The Fourth Amendment requires a warrant — supported by probable cause — in order for the government to perform a search. But now Congress is eliminating the role of the judge who signs the warrant. That’s for searches involving private communications.

US Pastor Faces ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Charge for Opposing Gay Agenda Overseas

Scott Lively

Freedom of speech is a two-way street. If gays and lesbians call on this freedom to change the political environment, they must recognize the right of those with a more traditional viewpoint to speak out as well. But it seems a Ugandan homosexual activist group wants to monopolize free speech by punishing dissenting opinion. They are accusing Scott Lively of ‘crimes against humanity’ for opposing their agenda.

Only Vaccinated Students Subject Affected by Whooping Cough Outbreak at Massachusetts High School

Child vaccinated

Is this a case of double-speak or what? Falmouth High School in Cape Cod Massachusetts is experiencing an outbreak of whooping cough — one in which only inoculated students are getting sick. Yet reporter Lauren Leamanczyk from WBZ TV-4 is spinning her story to suggest unvaccinated kids are to blame. Could that be because the station’s parent company, CBS, gets a major share of its income from Big Pharma?

Lawsuit Filed After Landlord Breaks Contract with Pro-Life Tenant

Possibly pregnant teenager

A California businessman is learning that Planned Parenthood is not the only crisis pregnancy group willing to resort to lawsuits. It all started when Alpha Pregnancy Clinic signed a lease and submitted its first rental check. But then the landlord backed out, claiming the pro-life group was not a good fit for his building, which also has Planned Parenthood as a tenant. Alpha Pregnancy Center is seeking performance of the rental contract and damages under California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act.

Why So Many Kidnappings by Child Protective Services? Consider the Money Trail

Seized child

“Did you know that the money funneled to states and child protective services actually encourages them to accuse you of child abuse and even murder, and to take your children, even if you’re not guilty, and even though they have absolutely no proof that you harmed your child?” That’s a quote from “New York Times” best-selling author Dr. Joseph Mercola. It may help explain many of the cases today of state-sanctioned kidnappings of children with no credible evidence of parental misconduct.

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