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Month – January 2015

Deputies “Kidnap” 7 Homeschoolers

Taking Stanley children

The mineral supplement MMS is used by the Red Cross to treat malaria in Africa, but the FDA has not approved the substance. However, it is reportedly available on legitimate websites. Pastor Hal Stanley says he mostly used it to purify water for his garden, not for feeding his kids. A neighbor had reported the parents earlier to Garland County, Arkansas authorities for allowing them to go barefoot.

Vaccine Promoters Try to Ban Skeptical Doctor from Speaking in Australia

Dr. Tenpenny

First of all, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny did not plan to tour Australia. When interested residents learned the champion of informed consent was going to vacation there, they invited her to speak. Tenpenny estimates she would have been heard by a total of about one thousand Aussies, compared to the country’s population of 23 million or so. Yet one thousand informed people are too many for the vaccine mafia to allow.

North Miami Cops Used Mugshots of Blacks for Target Practice

Minority mug shots

A South Florida woman is infuriated after discovering police used the mug shots of several black former felons for target practice recently. National Guard Sergeant Valerie Deant had arrived at a shooting range for training when she discovered the pictures — including one of her brother Woody, who had spent time in prison over a decade ago. His image had been shot in the forehead and in an eye.

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