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Month – February 2015

University Makes Crime Alerts Less Identifying to Avoid Hurt Feelings

Police car

If there’s a dangerous person on the loose, we expect police to furnish a good description, so we can avoid the criminal and report his location. But that approach is too straightforward for the University of Minnesota. The Twin Cities campus is now excluding race in most descriptions, reasoning that to do otherwise would perpetuate stereotypes. Somehow the administration doesn’t get the point that it’s the perpetrators themselves who are creating bad public relations for their otherwise law-abiding communities.

House Defunds Department of Homeland Security

TSA at Gate B9

The House has rejected a measure to continue to fund the Department of Homeland Security. Obama is pretty upset. Do you suppose he’ll charge the Congressmen with terrorism for refusing to help his beloved agency? There is an alternative. Obama could order tip jars to be set up at each location where the TSA confronts travelers. What an incentive for kindness and courtesy!


“Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy Dies at Age 83

Leobnard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy never expected Spock to become the break-out character on “Star trek.” In the beginning Nimoy hated the pointed ears, but producer Gene Roddenberry placated him by promising his character would undergo cosmetic surgery in a future episode if necessary. The fan mail poured in. Spock became an extremely popular character. And the actor agreed to let the ears remain. Leonard Nimoy passed away this morning at his Los Angeles home, having suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

FCC Approves Net Neutrality

Locked laptop

Net Neutrality appears to be another Trojan Horse. It was the Administration’s “gift” to ensure that all ISP customers are treated equally. Its real purpose is more sinister as evidenced by the FCC’s refusal to post the rules before today’s vote. They are expected to become effective 60 days after publication, barring legal action. But AT&T is already threatening a challenge.

Why Are So Many Native American Children Being Legally “Kidnapped” in South Dakota?

Native American child

Daniel Sheehan is a Constitutional and public interest lawyer who’s been trying to figure out why the South Dakota Department of Social Services has been separating hundreds of Native American children from their families each year for close to a decade and a half. Sheehan followed the money trail and discovered big bucks coming in to the state as a result of the program. Listen to his claims and judge for yourself.

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