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Month – February 2015

Champion of Statin Drugs Reassesses Their Safety

Rory Collins

If you’ve tested high for cholesterol, your doctor may have put you on a statin drug to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. But anecdotal evidence, as well as studies not part of the original research by Professor Rory Collins, are raising questions about possible side effects such as diabetes, cataracts and memory loss. So Collins — a department head at Oxford University — says additional work is needed to convince the public that statins are safe.

Judge Allows Doctors to Abandon Teen with Cancer, Despite Parent’s Wishes

Justice Mary Hogg

Justice Mary Hogg is only allowing palliative care. The mother of the 18 year-old British boy was requesting the continuation of chemotherapy. Lately, doctors say, he’s been going in and out of comas. They expect the boy to live about two more weeks. His mom, on the other hand, says her son still walks and talks. In a socialized medicine system — such as England has — there is a tendency for health workers to believe chronically ill persons are not worth treating.

Obama Administration Tells Border Patrol to Avoid Apprehending Drunk Drivers

Border Patrol

It’s offensive to a drunk driver when he’s stopped by an officer. It hurts his self-esteem. There’s good news for such drivers cruising American’s southern borders. Barack Obama is telling Border Patrol agents to “allow them to go on their way.” It seems some agents felt it was their duty to enforce drunk driving laws when local police were not nearby. An official reason for the new policy is to avoid lawsuits. So now drunk drivers can avoid having their feelings hurt, while the rest of us can hurt all over or worse at the next bend in the road.

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