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$2500/Day Fine for Delivering Firewood to Sick and Elderly

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by Matt, Agorist, The Free Thought Project

In the land of the free, stacking firewood on your own property can and will lead to your extortion by government bureaucrats. You can be fined exorbitant amounts of money for this firewood even if you are collecting it to donate it to elderly, sick and struggling people to stay warm during the harsh winter. As TFTP has reported, if you refuse to pay these fines, you can and will be kidnapped. Or, if you resist this kidnapping, you may even be killed.

Shane McDaniel runs a charity on his own private property that collects downed trees from the local area and then cuts and splits it into firewood which is then delivered to those in need by volunteers. McDaniel has been doing this for years and was even featured on a local news show last year called Eric’s Heroes which earned him the nickname “Robinwood.”

McDaniel and his sons do most of the work and it takes them months of hard labor to get it all done.

“I couldn’t even tell you (how much),” McDaniel said. “I’ve gone through more chainsaw blades than I have in a lifetime. But it took about 8-months of hard work; it’s about 40 cords that we did, starting in March and finishing in September.”

Amazingly enough, they don’t even use a log splitter and do it all with just an axe.

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