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81 Year-Old Runner Breaking Records

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Jeane Daproby Dr. Joseph Mercola,

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health and longevity. Having been an avid exerciser myself for decades, there’s no doubt in my mind a comprehensive routine is essential for optimal health. However, fitness is a journey, and one which you may begin at any time in your life.

It is important to take stock of your current state of fitness and to keep pushing yourself to new heights, no matter where you start. At the same time, it is critical to listen to your body and be willing to revise your routine as circumstances change. I was a long-distance runner for many years, but as I got older I realized there were far healthier and more effective forms of exercise through which I could enjoy greater health benefits and fewer injuries, including the use of interval training.

Strength training, flexibility and aerobic activity are integral parts of a plan to help you to sleep better, improve your immune system, lower your risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes and improve your brain health.

Foundational to your daily activity is nonexercise movement, and may be even more so than a regimented fitness routine. Ideally, it’s important to have both, but if you’re currently sedentary, I recommend you start by sitting less. Jeanne Daprano, 81-year-old runner and world record holder, has demonstrated it’s never too late to start.


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