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99 year-old Man Walks 6 Miles a Day to Visit Wife

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99 year-old man and his wife

Credit: CBS News

by Caitlin O’Kane, CBC News

A 99 year-old man from Rochester, New York, may restore your faith that true, lasting love does exist. His name is Luther Younger, and after 55 years of marriage, he is still deeply devoted to his wife, Waverlee, whom he calls the sweetest cup of tea he ever had.

Luther walks six miles round-trip every day — in the heat, rain and snow — to visit Waverlee in the hospital. He has become a local celebrity in Rochester and many people recognize him from his daily pilgrimage. Spectrum News Rochester first reported the loyal husband’s story earlier this month and it gained widespread media attention.

After hearing about Luther, I decided to go up to Rochester so I could take the three-mile walk with him to Strong Memorial Hospital. It was a hot August day — over 90 degrees — but that didn’t faze him. When I arrived at his home on recently, just a few days shy of his 99th birthday, he proved he was in tip-top shape and ready for the trek. He dropped to the floor and started doing perfect pushups. Then he popped up, slung a backpack over his shoulder and said, “Let’s go.” He told me his daughter thinks he’s too hyper, and acknowledged that he probably is.

He warned me I would have to keep up with him, and I was sure that I could. I wasn’t prepared for a man in his 90s to start running, but he did — several times. I started running behind him, trying to keep up as he led the way through the suburban streets.

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