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A Country Finally Investigates HPV Vaccine, But It’s Not US

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Gardasil vaccine

Credit: Jan Christian , derivative work,
CC BY-SA 2.0

by Jefferey Jackson, Health Impact News

The scene has become an unwelcome global phenomena  — a parent carries their unconscious daughter into the hospital with body language that screams for urgent medical assistance. Countries throughout the world are being forced to share in the mounting injuries caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine. Despite the bad press and rising monetary loses incurred from an endless line of lawsuits, pharmaceutical lobbyist have secured mandates and official recommendations from the majority of global health authorities to push the shot.

n June of 2013, the Japanese government withdrew its official recommendation for the HPV shot after thousands of severe adverse reactions. According to a local teacher in Colombia, the girls in the municipality of Carmen de Bolivar received their first dose of Gardasil in July 2013, one month after Japan withdrew the vaccine. The first of three doses in Colombia saw reports of common reactions including redness, swelling, pain at the injection site, etc.

Merck’s HPV shot was deemed “Free and Mandatory” by “Law of the Republic” in Colombia in late 2012. As in many other countries, informed consent was nowhere to be found as parents and their daughters were not made aware of the risks before agreeing to the shot. It was in 2014 during the second round of Gardasil that reports of injuries raced to staggering levels. Reportedly, 800 girls had severe adverse reactions and scores needed emergency medical attention. Parent’s anger was met with silence and denial by Colombian government and health officials. Many families filed their grievances through the proper channels, yet others took to the streets in mass protests burning tires and blocking roads.

As the public tension mounted from the HPV vaccine’s widespread severe adverse reactions, Colombian President Juan Manual Santos was forced to publicly address his people’s concern.

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