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Arson of Pro-life Pregnancy Center Called a ‘Hate Crime’

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Arson of pregnancy centerby Claire Chretien,

Arsonists are suspected in a fire that rendered a pro-life pregnancy center inoperable, and pro-life students are demanding that Planned Parenthood denounce this as a “hate crime.”

Early Wednesday morning, someone broke into Project Defending Life, also known as Women’s Pregnancy Options, and set fire to the building’s Holy Innocents Chapel and a room containing pro-life literature. According to the Albuquerque Fire Department, at 12:32 AM. they received a call about smoke coming from the Project Defending Life building and crews arrived within minutes to extinguish the fire.

Students for Life of America said that the fire department confirmed with students that the fire was intentionally started by an arsonist and at least one of their students has spoken with the FBI. Project Defending Life confirmed this.

“Authorities notified us around midnight that there was a break-in and fire in our facility, leading fire Marshalls to call the FBI, who confirmed this was an act of arson,” said Dominique Davis, Project Defending Life’s director of client services. “The arsonist has not been identified, but it has been confirmed that they set two fires within the facility. The first fire was started inside the Holy Innocents chapel, which destroyed the chapel. The second fire was located in the foyer where our literature and signs were displayed. The extent of the damages has still not been confirmed, although the facility has suffered great damage and currently has no power. Due to the damages and the current investigation, Project Defending Life will be shut down until further notice.”

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