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Arthritic Woman Who Hadn’t Walked in Four Years Healed at Church Service

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Bill and Marie Cribbs

Bill and Maria Cribbs

by Mark Ellis, Godreports

It was a small miracle that Marie Cribbs made it to the evening service on May 4th at Magnolia Church in Port Neches, Texas. But that night God did an even greater miracle that will leave her a “walking witness” for Jesus the rest of her life.

She had been confined to a wheelchair for four years — unable to walk – due to complications of diabetes, two bouts of breast cancer, and psoriatic arthritis. “She had chemotherapy and whenever the chemo left her system her arthritis came back in a fury and left every one of her joints inflamed,” says husband Bill.

“It made it very hard for her to move and because of that her whole body degenerated and it was impossible for her to walk,” he says.

Bill became her caregiver, helping her with basic needs for the last four years. “My whole body was almost shut down,” Marie says. “I couldn’t lift my arms or my legs or do anything. My husband had to take care of everything. I was in extreme pain.”

On May 4th, Magnolia Church had a special guest speaker for their evening service, Paul Ai, who founded Vision Outreach International. Paul, known as “the Apostle Paul of Vietnam,” is a former witchcraft doctor who came to Christ during the Vietnam War through the influence of American missionaries.

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