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Attorney General Concerned Over Digital Vaccine Certificates

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Implantby Thomas Horn, SkyWatchTV

Recently Bill Gates argued that once we have a coronavirus vaccine, “digital certificates” should be issued to persons that have received it, causing US Attorney General William Barr to say he would be “very concerned about the slippery slope in terms of continuing encroachments on personal liberty.”

Barr did not use the term ‘Mark of the Beast,’ but he is a conservative Christian and surely the idea of somehow ‘certifying’ people that have been vaccinated without which they will not be allowed to buy or sell or reenter the marketplace was not lost on his — our our — knowledge of Bible prophecy.

Recently in various media I have gone so far as to suggest a coronavirus-like pandemic could someday trigger events that give rise to a global mandatory vaccine, and that this could be how Antichrist introduces his dreaded mark.

Secular media do not appreciate me voicing such suspicions.

But then, they never like what I have to say (see John 15:18-25).

Nevertheless, many Christians believe that, before long, a prophesied end-times government will indeed appear and could be developing now. It will become a global authority, under which national boundaries dissolve, and ethnic groups, ideologies, religions, and economics from around the world, are forced to orchestrate a single and dominant sovereignty

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