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Authorities Tear Apart Family After a Trouble-Free Home Birth

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Rengo family smilingby Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project

In a scene that sounds like a prequel to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, a young couple has had their three children forcefully taken from them by the state for choosing to not to use the hospital for the birth of their twins.

“Our birth was glorious,” Erica May Rengo tells Health Impact News, and the twins were reportedly healthy, full-term babies, who had no problem quickly figuring out how to breastfeed. The little family was overjoyed until CPS stepped in to “help.”

According to the parents, the state has kidnapped their children because of their choice to live a wholesome holistic lifestyle. Their son Levi who is 10 months old, along with his twin sister and brother, Morna Kai Grace and Daniel Clemente were kidnapped on November 6, and have yet to be given back to their parents, despite no history of abuse or signs of mistreatment.

This nightmare began for the Rengo family shortly after their two healthy twins were born on October 2. Erica and her husband Cleave, giving in to pressure from family members who were fearful of their home birth, agreed to call paramedics to their house to have the newborns checked out.

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