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Baylor U Not Very Transparent About Campus Rapes

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Baylor Lariatby Adam Goldstein, The Fire

Have you ever heard someone give an explanation for bad behavior that makes them sound more guilty? Like the accused bank robber who says, “I couldn’t have done it, that red leather wing-tip shoe you’re gonna find in the vault isn’t even my size!”

Baylor University’s got one of those explanations for an incident that took place last month, when campus tour guides removed — and in some cases, trashed or recycled — copies of the student newspaper, The Lariat, before a visit from roughly 2,000 prospective students and their families.

Why? Well, one theory is that Baylor didn’t think the above-the-fold headline — “Fifth alleged rape reported” — was a selling point.

As The Lariat reports:

“The girl who took the newspaper from our table, she told us her boss had told her to do it,” [senior Ben] Christie said. “Then they said it was something they didn’t want students to see.”

Dallas senior Hunter Meroney was also eating lunch with Christie when they saw the newspapers being removed from their stands.

“A female tour guide came up and grabbed my friend’s newspaper, I imagine to hide it from guests,” Meroney said. “After that, we saw her take the rest of the newspapers off the stands at Penland [Crossroads] and throw them away.”

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