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Bible Museum Dead Sea Scroll Fragments Are Forgeries

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Dead Sea Scroll fragments

Credit: The Christian Post/Samuel Smith

by Anugrah Kumar, The Christian Post

The 16 Dead Sea Scroll fragments housed at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, considered its most prized possessions, are modern forgeries, independent researchers have found.

“The Museum of the Bible is trying to be as transparent as possible,” the museum’s CEO Harry Hargrave said, according to National Geographic. “We’re victims — we’re victims of misrepresentation, we’re victims of fraud.”

The Advisory Team of Art Fraud Insights, whose services were hired by the museum for a thorough physical and chemical investigation of all 16 pieces, unanimously concluded that none of the textual fragments housed in the museum are authentic. All the fragments show “characteristics that suggest they are deliberate forgeries created in the twentieth century with the intent to mimic authentic Dead Sea Scroll fragments.”

“The new findings don’t cast doubt on the 100,000 real Dead Sea Scroll fragments, most of which lie in the Shrine of the Book, part of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem,” National Geographic clarifies. “However, the report’s findings raise grave questions about the ‘post-2002’ Dead Sea Scroll fragments, a group of some 70 snippets of biblical text that entered the antiquities market in the 2000s. Even before the new report, some scholars believed that most to all of the post-2002 fragments were modern fakes.”

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