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Biden’s Ukrainian Scandal

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by Toddy Littman, Right Side News

No one, not one Democrat would care what happened between Donald Trump and the Ukraine but for Joe Biden’s actions in 2014.

So let’s review a moment….

In 2014 did Joe Biden know he was going to run to be the President of the United States in 2020? Nope.

And what did Joe Biden do in 2014 that’s so important, he can tell you himself (I skipped to 16 seconds in since I am trying to just show the admission and nothing else, apologies to the video’s poster as I do appreciate the video being available but my effort is to not even discuss certain facts since the truth in all of this is even simpler than it appears),

So now what’s important here is this treaty that causes the Attorney General and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to be the “Central Authority” for their respective nations on these matters, Please see page 6 of the Letter of Transmittal portion of the linked PDF from President Bill Clinton’s office referring to Article 2 of the Treaty and Article 2 “Central Authorities” on page 13 of the linked PDF featuring the actual scans of pages of the Treaty.

This means it is a violation of the Constitution pursuant to Article VI, Clause 2, concluding that Treaties that support the Constitution are the Law of the land.

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