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Black Marine: Black Lives Matter ‘Promotes Racism’

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Michael Whaley

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by Steve Watson,

A young black marine, who has made several viral rant style videos about the Black Lives Matter movement appeared on Megan Kelly’s Fox News show recently, and declared that the movement “promotes racism.”

Urging that “all lives matter,” Michael Whaley in his latest viral video described how appalled he was to see black activists calling for violence and for killing white people.

Whaley noted that his views are unpopular with black Americans because “black people can’t accept the truth about themselves.”

He noted that Americans shouldn’t be shouting “eff the police,” because there are plenty of good cops who are still about seeking justice in their communities.

Whaley told Kelly that he has received a ton of “hateful” reaction from people who disagree with his views, but accepts they are entitled to their “freedom of speech”.

He said that black and white people should not treat each other as enemies because “we have somebody else behind closed doors actually pulling the strings and causing a lot of racism here in America.”

Whaley also pointed a finger at the mainstream media for stoking racial tension, noting that headlines like “white officer kills unarmed black man” are being bandied around devoid of context.

Whaley urged people of all colors to promote harmony, and accused the Black Lives Matter movement of encouraging young black people to “throw away their lives.”


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