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Brooklyn’s Islamic Patrols Resemble NYPD Police

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Muslim Community Patrolby Benjamin Bair, American Spectator

On December 3rd, members of a Muslim funeral procession became incensed after a FedEx truck driver accidentally backed into a mourner on a crowded Brooklyn street. An angry mob surrounded the vehicle, smashed out the truck’s windows and assaulted the couriers. One of the mourners was arrested, and the truck drivers were hauled off to jail for defending themselves with fire extinguishers and box cutters.

It was a textbook case of vigilante justice gone wrong, in which private citizens took the law into their own hands with disastrous results.

Unfortunately, residents of Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge and Sunset Park neighborhoods may have to get used to such scenes after the New York Post reported a “new security group” cruising local streets in a white Ford Taurus painted with stripes and insignia nearly identical to local police. But the recently incorporated Muslim Community Patrol & Services (MCPS) isn’t a new concept, nor is it some benign neighborhood watch merely established, as it claims, “to protect members of the local community from escalating quality-of-life nuisance crimes.”

“This is basically a neighborhood community patrol on steroids, and people are intimidated,” MCPS’s own Vice President Noor Rabah boasted in an interview with Bklyner.

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