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Can We Trust the American Diabetes Association’s Diet?

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by Abby Campbell, Natural Health 365

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is a trade association based in the United States. For 75 years, they have claimed to lead the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes, as well as fight for those affected by the disease. They do this through funding research to prevent, cure, and manage the disease. They also deliver services to hundreds of communities as well as online.

Because the risk of death for diabetics is 50 percent higher than adults without diabetes, prevention of the disease is crucial. The American Diabetes Association provides diet plans, recipes, and other food information for diabetics. After all, diabetes is a disease in which the body cannot metabolize blood sugar properly which leads to an excess sugar buildup in the bloodstream that accelerates the symptoms of cardiovascular disease and damages other bodily systems.

Therefore, learning to eat correctly is very important for diabetics.

So, here’s the ’$64,000 question’: Do the diet plans of the ADA really help in treating symptoms? According to several studies, the answer is no. In fact, studies have shown that their recommendations actually increase blood sugar levels — levels so dangerous that they’ve been accused of killing diabetics!

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