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Cancer Clinic Reports High Success with Natural Therapies

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Dr. Colleen Huber

Dr. Collen Huber, of Nature Works Best Cancer Clinic

by Paul Fassa, Health Impact News

What if you knew of an all natural cancer clinic that has survived in the USA for nine years with a very high rate of remission and recovery rates? There is one in Tempe, Arizona. It’s called NatureWorksBest Cancer Clinic. Cancer patients come to that clinic after they’ve been diagnosed with cancer from conventional oncologists.

Medical tourism is thriving in Mexico, Germany, and elsewhere because they have cancer clinics that are not prohibited from using natural approaches for actually healing cancer at much higher rates than conventional oncology without side effects.

Mexico guarantees health freedom and several alternative cancer clinics thrive there at lower costs than what would be available in our country. Those Mexican clinics, some of which started in the States but were forced out by mainstream medicine’s monopolistic police powers, are not only safer and less expensive, but often much more effective at actually curing cancer.

The Tempe, AZ clinic is also the real deal. You or a loved one won’t have to go to Mexico to avoid chemotherapy or other harmful and expensive procedures for the opportunity of treating cancer successfully.

There are some USA “integrative” cancer clinics and hospitals that offer natural treatments to mostly support cancer patients through orthodox oncology procedures. But the NatureWorksBest cancer clinic does not use chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery at all while using state of the art diagnostic methods to determine patients’ progress.

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