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Big Pharma Dumps Live Polio Virus into Belgian Water

Polio virus

A Belgian environmental agency calls the dumping of the live polio virus “human error.” It’s actually borrowing the term from initial information provided by GlaxoSmithKline. The virus made its way into the Lasne and Dyle rivers earlier this month. The government expects swimmers and fishermen may face “limited” danger, and advises worried residents to talk to their doctors about possible “re-vaccination.”

Cop Suspended After He Stops a Higher Ranking Officer for Allegedly Speeding

Fighting cops

Miami Officer Marcel Jackson says the speeding suspect would not pull over for several blocks. Video from Jackson’s GoPro camera seems to show David Ramras lunging at him when Jackson asked for a license and proof of insurance. It turns out Ramras was a superior officer — a lieutenant. Jackson has been suspended with pay and Ramras, who’s from Internal Affairs, has been reassigned. The investigation is continuing.

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