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Cop Suspended After He Stops a Higher Ranking Officer for Allegedly Speeding

Fighting cops

Miami Officer Marcel Jackson says the speeding suspect would not pull over for several blocks. Video from Jackson’s GoPro camera seems to show David Ramras lunging at him when Jackson asked for a license and proof of insurance. It turns out Ramras was a superior officer — a lieutenant. Jackson has been suspended with pay and Ramras, who’s from Internal Affairs, has been reassigned. The investigation is continuing.

The Real Reason the White House Hopes We’re Sick of Hearing About Benghazi

Barack and Hillary

I was listening to the radio this afternoon when I heard pundits making fun of how Tea Party sympathizers were still obsessed with the 2012 Benghazi attack. That’s when gunmen fired on the US dipomatic mission, killing Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and another official. The government had claimed that a little viewed anti-Muslim video provoked the violence. But recently Judicial Watch obtained emails indicating a massive coverup. Either the pundits are too stupid to understand the truth or they feel obligated to repeat the party line for their masters. I’m sure glad I didn’t contribute to the radio station’s pledge drive.

Disappearance of Flight 370 Likely Results in High Tech Patent for Rothschild Company

Freescale Technology

20 Employees of Freescale Semiconductor were aboard missing Malaysian Flight 370. The company is mostly owned by Jacob Rothschild’s Blackstone Group. Four of the employees each reportedly held a 20% share of U.S. Patent #US008671381B1. The company owned the remaining 20%, but now it’s apparently the sole patent holder. The Rothschild family owns Malaysian Central Bank, which is heavily invested in the airline.

A Repentant Ken Trudeau Is Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

Kevin Trudeau

The 10-year sentence follows Trudeau’s recent conviction for criminal contempt of court. Trudeau had said in an infomercial that you could lose weight without diet and exercise, yet the book he was promoting recommended both. Many would consider the punishment too severe for the offense. Keep in mind that Trudeau was a well known challenger of the medical establishment. I wonder if the court would have thrown the book at him for a parking ticket?

Jail Releases Great Grandmother Who Had Missed Court Appearance Due to Cancer

Jail Time with Judge Mimi Cooper

Judge Mimi Cooper doesn’t have to worry about getting re-elected. District Court judges are appointed to 10 year-terms by Maryland’s governor. But if the state’s judicial system was similar to that in certain other states, where judges are elected, she might be in trouble at the polls. Cooper will be remembered for refusing to be influenced by a doctor’s note stating Mary Root was too sick to attend a hearing. Instead she threw the 81 year-old woman into jail without bail. Perhaps Cooper thought Root was a flight risk. After all, the great grandmother was accused of the heinous crime of allowing her dogs to get out of the yard. Later, the University of Baltimore School of Law graduate changed her mind and allowed bond.

FAA Investigating Whether Drone Caused Traffic Fatality


The accident happened February 1st on Main Street in Hartford, Connecticut. Police found a camera-carrying drone flying above the scene of the fatality. They ordered Pedro Rivera to stop using the device. Rivera is a photographer for WFSB TV-3. He was not working for the station on that day. Police claim Rivera violated an FAA regulation against commercial use of drones, but it appears the prohibition may only be a policy statement, not a regulation. WFSB suspended the man for a week without pay. Rivera is suing the Police Department for violation of his civil rights.

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