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Censored — Vaccinated Children are Healthier

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Baby getting vaccineby Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News

“Vaccines are safe and effective.” “The science on vaccines is settled.”

These statements are the official dogma of Big Pharma and the US Government health agencies, and anyone in the corporate media who has ever tried to challenge these statements of belief has been quickly silenced.

Yet even to the casual reader with no invested interest in the topic, it would seem fairly obvious that these are statements of faith, and not scientific statements.

How can a pharmaceutical product always be “safe and effective”? And how can the science on anything, let alone vaccines, ever be “settled”?

And yet these beliefs are put forward as facts, and all dissenters, or even just those who dare to ask a question, are censored or labeled as “anti-vaxxers” or “quacks” if they happen to be a doctor or scientist.

The fact that vaccines can and do cause injury and death in some situations is not even a debatable subject, as the U.S. Vaccine Court has paid out $BILLIONS in damages since the passage of the National Vaccine Compensation program passed in the 1980s, giving legal immunity to pharmaceutical companies who make vaccines, and can no longer be sued if a vaccine causes an injury or death.

But even though this is public knowledge, and even though Health Impact News publishes the quarterly reports published by the Department of Justice listing settlements for vaccine injuries and deaths, we are censored and labeled as publishing “Fake News” by the Big Tech giants, like Facebook and Google.

This is clearly information they do not want the public to know.

But what about the second part of the belief that “vaccines are safe and effective?”

Since we know that vaccines are not totally safe, and that this information is censored, it is totally appropriate to then ask the question: Are vaccines actually effective? Or is this too just a doctrinal belief that must be propagated to justify mandatory vaccinations, without any real proof?

It is important to understand that the drug companies producing vaccines consider a vaccine “effective” if that vaccine produces the correct antibody for the specific disease that is being vaccinated to prevent.

It does not mean that studies were conducted to follow the person who received the vaccine to see if the vaccine actually prevented the disease that it was supposed to prevent.

And in fact, there is ample evidence to show that vaccinated people do end up getting the diseases the vaccine was supposed to prevent, usually because the vaccine manufacturers claim the vaccine’s effectiveness declined over time, requiring “booster” shots or new vaccines.

What about overall health of children following the CDC vaccine schedule, as compared to children who do not receive all the vaccines in the CDC vaccine schedule?

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