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City Shuts Down Enterprising Organic Kids

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Enterprising organic kids

Credit: The Free Thought Project

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project

Children at Little Ones Learning Center are not only excelling at spelling and math but they are doing something amazing and growing their own organic food. What started out as a lesson in gardening has morphed into an amazing enterprise that provides organic vegetables to children and a community. However, because this preschool’s enterprise is not in the correct government-approved location, they have been shut down by bureaucrats.

“It was a place for children who were having hard days,” Little Ones Executive Director Wande Okunoren-Meadows told the Mother Nature Network. “I know I go stir crazy if I’m sitting indoors for a long period of time. ‘You’re having a hard time inside? Let’s go outside, play in the dirt and find some worms.’”

According to the school, the goal of the gardening program was to influence food preferences for children. However, the preschoolers took it a step further and began providing residents in the surrounding neighborhoods access to organic fruits and vegetables. Last year, they grew so much food they began selling it in a farm stand.

For nearly a year, residents and children alike were able to benefit from the nutritious and locally grown produce. That is, until the city’s zoning commission got wind of the criminal enterprise children entrepreneurs who would dare sell a tomato in a residential area.

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