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College ‘Hate Speech’ Policies vs, Pakastani Blasphemy Laws

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Banned speakersby Samuel Smith, The Christian Post

A Muslim lawyer is warning that “hate speech” policies instituted at a number of college campuses in the US are having similar psychological effects on students that anti-blasphemy laws in Pakistan have on citizens who are sometimes incited to mob violence.

Asma Uddin, an author and religious freedom attorney who has worked on US Supreme Court and federal cases, participated in a wide-ranging discussion on religious liberty Wednesday at the National Press Club during a panel event hosted by the National Religious Broadcasters, an association of Christian media organizations.

The event was moderated by evangelical lawyer Craig Parshall, NRB’s general counsel, and journalist Steven Waldman, the founder of Beliefnet who has written extensively on the history of religious freedom in America.

Uddin, who was born in the United States of Pakistani descent, and founded, touched on the topic of hate speech codes that seem to be increasingly implemented on public and private college campuses in the US Such policies have been enacted to prevent people from speaking in ways that could offend other students.

In a number of cases, students have been suspended or punished in some way for voicing their religious beliefs in class on issues like Islam and sexual morality. Some colleges have also restricted free speech on campuses to administratively selected “free speech zones.”

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