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Coronavirus’ Digital Transformation of the Church

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Digital churchby Araina Zazia Pereira, PSI, Christian Today

Over the years, the church has transformed in many ways, when we think back to the early church, we don’t necessarily see what we know of as church today. The thing about incremental change is that it allows people to adjust. Often the changes have been so subtle that one can barely notice.

However, for many of us, one day we were in church and the following Sunday we were watching church from a screen in our living.

What does this mean for the future of the church?

I think to answer that, it is a good idea to take a trip down memory lane. The church historically and simply put, was a place where people gathered to worship God. Majority of the time this happened within the homes of people. So really, we have time traveled and added our futuristic gadgets into the mix.

Whilst God has always been complex to understand, he made his will for us simple. Love God. Love People. Jesus’ ministry reflected this simplicity. Though he did the miraculous, all of what he did foundationally showed love for God and for His people.

Likewise, even the early church followed this simplicity model – a place for people to gather together and worship. At its very core, the body of Christ is called to love God and love people.

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