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Coronavirus — George Orwell Couldn’t Have Dreamed it Better

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by Luis R Miranda, The Real Agenda News

Thermal technologyProblem, reaction, solution is now a well-known expression to describe a situation when government officials, corporations or individuals cause havoc or let it happen in order to bring about a plan they want to implement. Coronavirus seems to be another example of a case where negligence, disinformation and pseudoscience are used to call for and install states of affairs that would not otherwise be acceptable to anyone.

National governments adopted measures issued by the World Health Organization without questioning their validity in each of their nations. Worse than anything else is the fact that many of those directives came from the Chinese government itself, as they applied them in Wuhan and the rest of China after Sars-cov 2 began to run rampant in Asia.

Since the so-called coronavirus pandemic began, politicians and government officials have not wasted a day in trying to acquire more power to impose policies on the population, policies that by the way, are demonstrably insane, unscientific, illegal and unconstitutional, but that people passively accepted due to the fear campaign perpetrated by the mainstream media.

Confinement, as the WHO has admitted, was not only irrelevant in preventing mass contagion with coronavirus, but was also damaging for people’s physical and mental health. This measure not only did not stop the infection from happening but also destroyed complete economies. Wearing masks while being in close contact with other people is still something that no one knows whether it is medically beneficial or not. Both the WHO and national governments have swung their positions on wearing masks back and forth several times.

The same has happened with the use of hydroxychloroquine. Perhaps, this is the only pharmaceutical that has shown some hope for people who get sick with Sars-cov 2, and despite having a handful of studies that show its efficacy, both the WHO and health departments in many countries labeled the drug as dangerous and at different points in time refused to use to treat covid-19.

Practices such as the ones cited above show that not only did national governments and the WHO act negligently but also that they are responsible for the destruction of millions of lives, whole economies and of collapsing the health systems that would have otherwise been able to care of patients with other medical conditions that were neglected because of covid-19 malpractice.

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