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Could This Official’s Resignation Lead to Freedom for Justina Pelletier?

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Olga Roche

Credit: Facebook/Massachusetts Families against DCF

by B. Christopher Agee,                   Western Journalism

More than a year ago, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families ripped a 15 year-old girl from her family after her parents disagreed with a recent medical school graduate’s diagnosis.

Justina Pelletier had, until that point, been undergoing treatment for a mitochondrial disorder and was showing signs of improvement. Since then, however, she has devolved into a state of increasing immobility; and the former competitive skater is now confined to a wheelchair. Furthermore, she recently smuggled out a letter to her parents, who are allowed just one hour-long supervised visit a week, describing physical and psychological abuse at the hands of DCF workers.

This week, as demands for her ouster increased, DCF Commissioner Olga Roche announced her resignation. Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services Secretary John Polanowicz seemed relieved and anxious to see her go.

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