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Court Sides with Homeschoolers Who Were Strip-Searched

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Gavelby Peter Kamakawiwoole, HSLDA

Three years ago, a child protective services (CPS) investigator and sheriff’s deputy threatened their way into Josiah and Holly Curry’s home, and their six young children were strip-searched—one day after a town police officer had seen the children and confirmed they were fine. The experience was shattering.

Now, a federal judge has ruled that the Currys will get their day in court.

I could try to summarize the judge’s opinion for you, but frankly, I couldn’t do it any better than the judge did in his conclusion:

“Act One: An “attentive and loving” mother gets muffins for her children. Act Two: There’s a knock on her door and a threat by the government to take away her children. Act Three: Her children are strip-searched without cause. America’s founding generation may never have imagined a Cabinet for Health and Family Services. But they knew their fair share of unwelcome constables. And they added a Fourth Amendment to our Constitution to protect against this three-act tragedy.”

This is a huge win for the Currys, but there is more work to be done. Although the Currys now have the go-ahead to proceed to trial, the investigator and deputy could appeal that decision, setting up a court battle before the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

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