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Court Takes Department of Justice Behind the Woodshed

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Department of Justice Sealby Matthew Clark, ACLJ

A federal court just issued the most scorching smackdown of the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ) I have ever seen.

Any time a federal judge calls the lawyers for a party “intentionally deceptive,” “unethical,” and accuses them of having “clearly misled both counsel for the Plaintiff States and the Court,” it’s worth taking notice.  But when it’s done against the federal government’s lawyers (the Obama Administration’s lawyers) over the course of 28 searing pages of judicial excoriation, it is epic.

A few weeks ago I told you about the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals’ blistering takedown of the IRS and DOJ over the targeting of conservatives.  It was awe-inspiring and rightly deserved.  This new order from a federal district court in Texas takes it to the next level.  It is by far the most scorching judicial repudiation of “intentionally deceptive,” “bad faith,” and “unethical” actions on the part of the federal government in this Administration.

More importantly, the court went further than a mere scolding, this order has serious teeth behind it, imposing six substantial and concrete penalties on the Obama Administration’s DOJ.

It literally reads as if this court were taking the DOJ out behind the woodshed, and for good reason.

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