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CPS Child Abductors Lose Case in Texas

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Pardo familyby Samuel Smith, The Christian Post

Child Protective Services in Texas has dropped its five-months long case against homeschooling parents who say their son was unfairly removed by the state on allegations of child medical abuse.

On Tuesday, Kaufman County Judge Tracy Gray signed an order that ended the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services’ cases against the Pardo family.

On June 20th, Daniel and Ashley Pardo’s 4 year-old son, Drake, was taken from their home on the authority of a court order after the family missed a CPS-facilitated meeting at Dallas Children’s Medical Center that they were not informed of and was hours away from their home.

The family’s lawyers at the Texas Home School Coalition argued throughout the case that CPS failed to meet the legal requirements needed for an emergency removal and failed to notify the parents about a meeting they were ordered to attend with a child abuse pediatrician and were subsequently faulted with not attending.

A concerned doctor had reached out to CPS initially with concerns that the family was seeking medical treatment for their son even though she had never met personally with the family. The family’s lawyers also pointed out that the child was removed from the home before CPS consulted with the family’s attending physicians.

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